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I am an Industrial Designer with 10 years of experience in developing home automation hardware for businesses, start-ups to enterprise in scale. I gravitate towards solutions that telegraph their definition and function while maintaining a design intent that’s quantifiably efficient to produce.

Also, I’m always happy to just meet for a bike ride. 

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Los Angeles, California

anything worth doing is worth doing poorly        

An audiophile in-ear-monitor startup

Periodic Audio

Left: Titanium IEMs Right: Nickel Headphone Amplifier

Periodic Audio (2015) began as a way to find the bare minimum necessary for a hardware company to operate in both time and financial input. As a tiny company of 4, we take cache of our resources and opportunistically exploit where our skillsets make the most impact.
Over the course of 5 years, I have been the sole industrial designer in charge of creating concepts, working directly with vendors and following through the DFM process to bring 6 buzzworthy high performance audio products to market.

Concepts and development

As a designer, Periodic serves as a sandbox for me to test the limits of when performance and beauty cease to translate into user-satisfaction. This project also made me aware of the nuances to consider in starting a brand- from trademarks to shifting international laws to 
unscrupulous vendors or simply, lost packages. Our positive reviews have attracted a number of partners who seek our DFM expertise. As a result, a portion of my work at periodic was to manage partner projects and aid their DFM process.