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I am an Industrial Designer with 10 years of experience in developing home automation hardware for businesses, start-ups to enterprise in scale. I gravitate towards solutions that telegraph their definition and function while maintaining a design intent that’s quantifiably efficient to produce.

Also, I’m always happy to just meet for a bike ride. 

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Los Angeles, California

anything worth doing is worth doing poorly        

Inside joke turned 2-week project blitz

We hired Daft Punk for the wedding

Our bootleg Daft Punk

One Last Houseparty

Daft Punks last concert in California was in 2007 in Berkley and it had the greatest stage light show anyone had ever seen.

Amongst our group of friends, those that where there remember it as the best night and those that missed it will die in regret. This started as very simple idea that we would build some semblance of this show inside a garage for a final after-wedding party. 

In the initial discussion, the grand reveal would begin with the garage doors rolling open to a dense cloud of fog which would radiate LEDs beaming from the central figures in the famous pyramid.

Between busy schedules and having a fulltime job, I had 2 weeks to trim, sand, paint, build, wire, and fit the Thomas and Guy Man helmets in time for the wedding. I mounted small fans inside to keep our DJ friends faces cool and wired 400 LEDs which were painted black on the user side for visibility. 

The 2 week helmet building blitz