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I am an Industrial Designer with 10 years of experience in developing home automation hardware for businesses, start-ups to enterprise in scale. I gravitate towards solutions that telegraph their definition and function while maintaining a design intent that’s quantifiably efficient to produce.

Also, I’m always happy to just meet for a bike ride. 

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Los Angeles, California

anything worth doing is worth doing poorly        

I gravitate towards objects that telegraph their definition and function


Santa Barbara, Tainan bicycle factory, Griffith Observatory,Dad on my moped

A common vein between speakers and bicycles is their tremendous return on delight.

I felt a wave of satisfaction the first time I soldered a transducer and played music through it from my CD player. It was pleasing to hear music by the simple act of connecting a rudimentary circuit. Similarly, an object comprised of 2 wheels and tubes to hold them, a bicycle is a soothing source of visual and  
cognitive order for me. In contrast, a computer is comprised of many dynamic and static parts that I do not understand. If it were to stop functioning, I would be at loss to where to begin troubleshooting.
I share this sentiment when designing anything for the end user. The more “transparent” an experience can be, the less anxiety caused when something inevitably goes wrong. As an industrial designer, I felt an obligation to further explore bicycle fabrication as a hobby. 

Yamaguchi Frame School

The most attractive part of bicycles is they’ve developed a perennial beauty while focusing on functional priorities. Why isnt this the case with all other products?

In 2016, I took the opportunity to tour an aluminum bicycle factory in Tainan, Taiwan while attending the worlds biggest international bicycle expo. This tour kicked off a ceaseless nagging curiosity for bicycles which led to a purchase, many distances rode, many bikes assembled. 
By the Fall of 2019, I spent 2 weeks in Rifle, Colorado to take a break from consumer electronics and learn how to build a bike frame from scratch. As soon as I came back, I got in contact with a retired bicycle manufacturer and owner of Masi Bicycles and purchased his remaining equipment. I have not made any plans in particular, I feel driven by internal momentum to follow through and hopefully, it will make me a better industrial designer.

Ted Kirkbrides Masi factory equipment, preparing for transport