“The meaning is not in the image. It is in the shadow of the image projected by montage onto the field of consciousness by the spectator” ~ Andre Bazin   “I put Rodin in one pocket, Michelangelo in the other and I walked toward the sun” ~ Szukalski    

Mike Kim Industrial Design Portfolio


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I am an Industrial Designer with a 10 year history in bringing internet-connected devices to the market from product planning to design-for-manufacturing. I gravitate towards solutions that telegraph their definition and function. My goal is to build playfulness into my work while maintaining a design intent that’s quantifiably efficient to produce.

Also, I’m always happy to just meet for a bike ride. 

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Los Angeles, California

“The Roman consul Luscio Cornellio Silla, deeply concerned by fate, built a temple on top of a hill overlooking from away Rome. As a valiant general, he was aware of chance in battle and politics. The Temple was devoted to- Fortuna Primigenia, which means: everything came from a power which we do not know but have command of the whole.” ~ James Turrells notebook at the LACMA- fixed many grammatical errors